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The People behind once films

We’re an intimate group of short filmmakers. We’re curious, purposeful, agile and we apply our talents to create rich, compelling, beautiful stories to connect people and inspire community.

Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

Chris is Once Films’ Creative Director, setting the tone for much of the firm’s visual work. Chris comes from a commercial photography background, and it shines through with his direction and cinematography. Along with the other accolades shared with the Once team, Chris has had a number of awards for photography and participated in individual and juried gallery events.

chris@oncefilms.com    @ChrisAtOnce

Kathy McGuire-Mullins

Kathy represents a collective of photography and filmmaking artists that encompass a variety of aesthetics, styles, and creative approaches. She has 20+ years’ experience working with agencies, creatives, and artists … making her the perfect conduit between the need and the outcome. With Once Films, Kathy is a bridge early in projects to help provide solutions for cost estimating, scope, and deadlines; her ultimate goal is ensuring client needs are met and delivered with a smile.




Eric Cloutman

Our most experienced editor, Eric has more than 15 years of work to reach back to for solutions. He possesses a knowledge of a variety of mediums and markets across the country. A man of many hats, Eric has been part of the Once team since 2011, piecing together great stories, creating motion graphics, and bringing the Once Films style to life.


Whitney Gable

A team is only as strong as its logistical backbone and Whitney gives structure to Once projects as our Production Coordinator. She is a graduate of Webster University and has been with Once Films since the earliest days. She’s also worked a few seasons on the show Two and a Half Men, and a number of film productions while living in Los Angeles.



Hannah Hill

Having the combined skill of shooting and editing allows Hannah to see a creative vision all the way through a project. She’s able to see the cinematic qualities of a project in uniques ways, and has been part of nearly every critically acclaimed piece we’ve produced.


Dylan Kaericher

Dylan came to Once as an intern, and, after graduation, he joined the Once team for the long haul. Dylan is a talented studio artist and illustrator and applies those skills to editing, motion graphics, and shooting. He’s also a voracious learner, and pushes to know the latest in technique and style - finding cool, experimental work that helps keep the work we do fresh and interesting.




Arlene Browne

Arlene’s passion is people and bringing out the best in those around her. With an extensive background in public relations, marketing, social media networking and development, she is a connector.  When Arlene is not working on her family business, she dedicates herself to helping Once Films tell its story.



Monica Buschor