Bob the Baker was the first film in our award winning Spotlight Series. What is the Spotlight Series you ask? It is a collection of personal vignettes that feature craftsmen, artists, and entrepreneurs. Each is a peak behind the scenes and into what it means to do what you love. Making a living through craft isn't all glory. It's grit, resolve, fear, and a unique satisfaction.

If the Spotlight Series is a celebration of St. Louis small businesses that exude authentic character and a passion for their craft, no one exemplified that more than Bob and the Carondelet Bakery. He had been baking bread in St. Louis for over 47 years, starting when he was only 13 years-old. Bob passed away in 2016, and we're grateful for the time he and his family gave us.

We at Once Films feel a kinship with those who let a passion for their work guide their lives. With that same obsessive quality, we bring their world to you.


With over 25 locations in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas, Dierbergs is known as a premium grocery store. They reached out to Once Films to create deliciously upbeat recipe films to share with their loyal followers on social media and online. Below are a few samples, sorry you can’t smell or taste them. But they were very tasty.

Hearty Chili:

White chocolate créme brülée:

Pho Ga: